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Farm and Ranch Trailers, LLC., located in beautiful Jacksonville, Texas, is the factory outlet for Neckover brand trailers. All stock trailers come standard with the angle iron, heavy duty frame. Lowboys, Floats, Dovetails, Cowboy (Catch) Trailers and Ground Loads are also available. For a complete list of stock items, see our Inventory page, or call John at (903) 589-4597 or (903) 521-3459 (cell) for your individual requirements.


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Neckover 32' Trailer

2015 32' x 6'8" Neckover trailer with:

  • torsion axles
  • 1 x 3 rectangular tubing sides
  • walkout door
  • cut gate
  • rubber cleated floor
  • tarp


Neckover 24' Trailer


2015 24' x 6'8" Neckover trailer with:

  • 2-7k spring axles
  • rubber cleated floor
  • butterfly rears
  • rectangular tubing sides
  • full walkout door
  • tarp


Neckover Factory Outlet is a licensed distributor of Neckover Logo brand trailers and products.

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